PEPFAR Data & Systems Applied Learning Summit

PALS occurred in September 2017 and that there may be more updated guidance materials on certain data streams elsewhere on DATIM support. Please use the training resources on this DATIM Support page for knowledge transfer activities with your country teams as appropriate. Any of these courses can be delivered on their own, but if you're looking to deliver them in the same order that we did at PALS, please see the agenda in the Introduction to PALS section. This section also provides resources, best practices/tips & tricks, and a presentation by select country teams on how the team will conduct knowledge sharing. If you have any questions about materials or how to conduct trainings, please submit a DATIM Support helpdesk ticket. Thank you!

Introduction to PALS

PEPFAR Data Streams & Data Use

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PEPFAR Systems Use & Refreshers

Health Information Systems (HIS) Courses/DHIS2

Advanced Analytics & Plenary Country Panels

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