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Q: It looks like the template was built for bilateral PEPFAR programs, and not customized to
Region’s needs. How will we collect this data?
A: The template is customized to PEPFAR OU, so each OU has its own template to complete.
However, regardless of whether the OU is an individual country or a region, we expect to see
multiple uploads of the Inventory for each OU. The Inventory is designed to capture staff by
Implementing Mechanism (IM), so each OU will upload the same number of templates as the
IMs that were active in the OU over the past year. Regions (and countries) do not need to
consolidate the data from multiple IMs, as this will be done at the ‘back end’ by DATIM.

Q: What if a staff person works on multiple IMs?
A: Staff that work across multiple IMs should be captured on each of those IM’s templates for
the time that they worked on that IM. For example, if an individual works as a Technical
Advisor 50% time on one IM, and 25% time each on two other IM’s, the IP should include that
person on all three forms, listing .5 FTE on one and .25 FTE on the other two.

Q: If it is one template per IM, does that mean that both the prime and subs should list their staff
on one form?
A: Yes, prime and subs should submit one joint template for their IM. The prime should take the
lead on ensuring the staffing data for subs is collected and consolidated into one form, and
should do quality checks as appropriate. For ease of transfer, the copy and paste function is
enabled for this template.

Q: Should we report international staff who are supporting the project with just a portion of their
A: Yes, any international staff that are directly charged to the IM should be included (e.g. would
be listed on the SF424 for the mechanisms personnel or contractual budget rather than paid
through indirects). Only the FTE and the expenditure that is directly charged to the IM should
be reported.

Q: Do we capture all staff, even those who only work for a few months due to shifts in the IP over
the course of the year?
A: Yes, anyone who has worked for the IM over any length of time in the past fiscal year should
be included.

Q: How should an individual who changed employment between IPs on a single IM be reported?
A: An individual who moved employers, but remained working for the same IM, should be
reported twice—once under the first employer, and once for each subsequent employer. The
months worked and expenditures should be split between the employers accordingly (e.g. 6
months time and expenditures reported under employer 1, and 6 months time and expenditure
reported under employer 2).

Q: If a staff person is only associated with the community, and not a particular site, do they only
complete SNU, PSNU and community?
A: Yes, community staff should NOT report a facility. Community staff should report to the
lowest PSNU or community level that is relevant. If an individual spends time in more than one
PSNU or community, please select the location where they spend the most time (and just select
one location if their time is spent exactly 50-50).

Q: Are staff working in the community considered “Site-level”?
A: Yes, community staff are considered site-level. The definition of site-level is aligned with
Expenditure Reporting, so even if not tied to a health facility, they are considered site-level
rather than above-site.

Q: Are data collectors/managers located at sites considered SD or NSD? They don’t see patients,
but they are sitting at sites managing patient files.
A: They should be labeled NSD. We will be identifying, on the back end, who is located at
facilities but not directly serving patients. Only individuals that work DIRECTLY with patients
should be labeled SD (so drivers, cleaners, janitors, data clerks, etc. are not considered SD even
though they sit at a site).

Q: Is a 13th month bonus salary fringe or salary?
A: As with ER, it is considered fringe.

Q: Is the months of work in past year the number of months that they received salary, or the
number of months actually performing their job (i.e. should we exclude any leave time?)
A: Please count the number of months receiving salary. If leave time led to fewer months paid,
please subtract those unpaid months.



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