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This article and the attached chart describe the data approval levels and associated actions in the DATIM Data Approval app for Human Resources for Health (HRH) Inventory.

Data Approval Level Statuses

The status of a mechanism in DATIM can be affected only via the Data Approval app. Upon a successful (valid) template upload in the HRH Processor app, the implementing partner (IP) will initiate the approval workflow by visiting the Data Approval app and submitting the mechanism to the Agency level for review. Until this step occurs, the mechanism will remain at the "pending at partner" status level. Only the IP can initiate this process.

Uploading a template (HRH Processor app) is not the same as submitting the template/mechanism (Data Approval app). For a step-by-step guide to the reporting process, please review the following materials for Partner instructions and Agency instructions.

This chart lists the status levels in DATIM, the status translations in PAW/Panorama, and the actions required at each status level.

The DATIM Human Resources for Health (HRH) Inventory data approval workflow is as follows: Implementing Partner > Agency Field / AORs/CORs > Agency HQ > Global. (This data approval workflow is identical to that of expenditure reporting (ER) and PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure.)


Attachment (same chart as above):

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