DATIM Instructions for Prime Partners

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The documents described below  contain instructions  primarily targeted towards Implementing Partners (IPs). They describe how to fill out the expenditure reporting template, upload and submit the template to DATIM, and resolve any errors the user may encounter in these processes. 

COP21FY2022 Instructions for IP Users - Filling out the ER Template, DATIM Submission, and Error Resolution

This document contains instructions on how to fill out the expenditure reporting template. The document includes: 

  • An overview of the ER template 
  • Directions on how to enter metadata in the “Metadata and Error Checks” and expenditure data in the “Expenditure Template” tabs 
  • A review of error checks built into the "Metadata and Error Checks" tab 
  • Additional DATIM technical support 

COP21FY22 ER DATIM Error Messages and Resolutions

This document explains the on-screen error messages a user might encounter when uploading a template that is invalid.  The document includes: 

  • Each on-screen error message described in detail with specific screenshots on what the error message looks like in DATIM, and what the corresponding error is in the expenditure reporting template. 
  • An overview of how to upload and submit the template in DATIM 
  • Additional DATIM technical support 


Note: This document is in development, and will be published shortly. 

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