FY21 SIMS 4.1 Materials

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This article contains the FY21 SIMS 4.1 Implementation Guide and related Appendices, SIMS 4.1 Site level Assessment Tool and the SIMS 4.1 Above Site Assessment Tool. These materials should only be used effective October 1, 2020 (i.e. FY21). Prior to that date, SIMS 4.0 remains in effect.  

The objectives of the FY21 SIMS 4.1 Implementation Guide is to provide (1) background information on the purpose of SIMS as a quality assurance tool, (2) instructions of the operationalization and implementation or SIMS 4.1, and (3) expand on how SIMS can be used in the larger arena of program quality management and improvement.

The goals of SIMS include:

  • Providing a standardized approach and set of tools to monitor program quality at PEPFAR-supported sites and above site locations
  • Implementing SIMS at priority sites and above-site locations based on performance, program needs, and program gaps
  • Using assessment results, through actionable data analysis, to facilitate programmatic improvement 

The FY21 SIMS 4.1 Above-Site Tool and Site Tool assess adherence to known HIV program quality standards above the level where services are provided (i.e. above site level) and at the site level, respectively. SIMS Core Essential Elements (CEEs) are organized into programmatic Sets, and measure adherence to known HIV program quality standards.   

This packet includes the following documents:

  • FY21 SIMS 4.1 Implementation Guide (Updated March 10, 2021)
  • Appendix 1 FY21 SIMS 4.1 Coversheet
  • Appendix 2 FY21 SIMS 4.1 Dashboards (Updated March 10, 2021)
  • Appendix 3 FY21 SIMS 4.1 Confidentiality Agreement
  • Appendix 4 FY21 SIMS 4.1 SIMS Site Visit Information and Inbrief
  • Appendix 5 FY21 SIMS 4.1 Sample SIMS Visit Letter
  • Appendix 6 FY21 SIMS 4.1 Worksheets
  • FY21 SIMS 4.1 Site Tool (Updated March 10, 2021)
  • FY21 SIMS 4.1 Above Site Tool (Updated March 10, 2021)


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