PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2020: Overview and Timeline

Chris Nemarich -

The FY2020 Activity is currently underway and with a focus on data use.  We will be introducing new tools that will empower the country teams to analyze and integrate this data in their program management.  We also continue to improve the tools to build efficiencies in the reporting processes and maintaining alignment with facility lists and indicator definitions.   

Date Day Category Details
July 1 Wednesday Webinar
Webinar 1 "DAA FY19 Review, DAA FY20 Activity"
August 26 Wednesday Webinar
Webinar 2 "DAA FY20 Prep (Tools & Process)"
September 23 Wednesday Webinar
Webinar 3 "DAA FY20 Analysis Tools & Data Use"
October 1 Monday Import Window
Data Import Window Opens
November 6 Friday Import Window
Data Import Window Closes
December 1 Tuesday Review Window
Data Review Period Opens
December 11 Friday Review Window
Data Review Period Closes​

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