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Requesting Access to PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2019 Archived Articles
The following articles were posted in support of the PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2019. The top two articles have been preserved under the "PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity: Year-Specific Content" Section, though the names have changed. For all other articles listed below, the articles have since been archived and are no longer publicly available. If you would like to request access to an article, please submit a helpdesk ticket via DATIM Support, and include with your request the full title of the article as shown, along with “PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2019.”

NOTE: Nearly all of this content has been revised and generalized under the "PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment" Section.

  • 1. PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2019 Overview and Timeline
  • 2. 2019 Data Alignment Indicators
  • 3. PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2019 Webinars
  • 4. Activity Components: Indicator Mapping
  • 5. Activity Components: Facility Reconciliation
  • 5.1. > Facility Reconciliation: Site Administration (within DATIM)
  • 5.2. > Facility Reconciliation: Facility Reconciliation Tool (GOFR)
  • 6. Activity Components: Results Data Import -- Q3 Dry Run (Aug 5-31) and FY19 Submission (Sep 1-Nov 8)
  • 6.1. > Validation Checks: Indicators & Disaggregations
  • 6.2. > Validation Checks: Facilities
  • 6.3. > Validation Checks: Data Values
  • 7. Data Analysis Overview
  • 8. Additional Resources
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