SIMS 4.0 e-Learning Courses Available!

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mceclip0.png    SIMS 4.0 e-Learning Courses Available!

We are excited to announce two SIMS-related courses available through the PEPFAR Virtual Academy (PVA)! These courses are self-paced and can be accessed by anyone with a PVA account.

SIMS-100: Introduction to Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS)

    1. SIMS-100: Intro to SIMS was released in January 2019 along with the release of SIMS 4.0. This course, as evident in its name, serves as an introduction to all things SIMS, and fulfills the training requirement for all SIMS assessors as described in the SIMS 4.0 Implementation Guide. As of September 30, 2019, almost 1000 participants have passed the course and received certificates of completion.
    2. This 1.5 hour course includes:
      • An overview of the available SIMS materials and updates made to SIMS 4.0
      • How to select sites for SIMS assessments based on performance, program needs and program gaps
      • All the information you need to conduct a SIMS assessment from beginning to end
    3. Course link: https://learn.pepfar.net/courses/course-v1:learn-pepfar-net+PROG108SIMS100+2019_indefinite/about

SIMS-101: SIMS Prioritization – Choosing Where and What to Assess on a SIMS Visit

    1. This course was developed in response to frequent responses following the release of the first SIMS course (SIMS100: Introduction to SIMS) requesting a deeper dive into site and CEE selection. Following this 45 minute course, participants will be able to:
      • Use existing site level (SIMS and MER) data to identify program needs and gaps
      • Prioritize sites for SIMS visits based on program needs and gaps
      • Select CEEs to assess at a SIMS visit
      • Address quality improvement and management through SIMS 4.0
    2. It is important to note that this course is in no way meant to be definitive. Instead, all examples included herein are simply suggestions based on a fictional country created by the SGAC SIMS team. These examples are meant to show possible ways a country team may approach the process of prioritizing sites and selecting CEEs. We recognize that there are many different ways to both select sites and choose elective CEEs. As such, we are eager to hear from you on ways you have approached this process!
    3. Course link: https://learn.pepfar.net/courses/course-v1:learn-pepfar-net+PROG108SIMS101+2019_indefinite/about


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