DATIM 101 and PEPFAR Systems Overview Training

Paige Schoenberg -

DATIM 101 and PEPFAR Systems Overview Training

September 12, 2019

About the Document:

This presentation was created for Day One of the West Africa PEPFAR Systems Training on “PEPFAR Data and Systems Overview" and "DATIM 101: Introduction to DATIM” that was delivered to PEPFAR Implementing Partners and USG staff in Ghana and Togo on August 30 – September 3, 2019.

The presentation references the "West Africa Training Server," an instance of DATIM that was created specifically for this training. The training server has since been deprecated, and users no longer have access to this server.

The data used in these exercises is fictional data that was created by masking data from the Caribbean Region. The examples of mock data provided for use in Exercise 1: Data Entry is entirely fictional data that is designed to be typical of regional results for the given indicators.

Presentation Learning Objectives:

  1. Leverage data for decision making using data from DATIM for continuous program improvement.
  2. Perform job-related functions using DATIM, including data entry, cleaning and review, approvals, and data visualization.
  3. Describe the importance of quality data collection as it relates to the PEPFAR program mandate and describe the types of data that PEPFAR collects, according to the PEPFAR Data Calendar.
  4. Define and describe PEPFAR systems, including their features, functions, and navigation.
  5. Describe the PEPFAR systems landscape and systems data flows.
  6. Access resources and support for DATIM.


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