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Materials in this Article:

SIMS 4.0 Overview

This one-page document provides a succinct summary of SIM 4.0, including the goals of SIMS 4.0, the tool types, assessment types, and organization of the tools. This summary can be used as an introduction to orient readers to the elements of SIMS.

SIMS 4.0 Program Clusters

This one-page document provides a visualization in which CEE Sets are bucketed based on programmatic area. The underline indicates that the Set is included within multiple programmatic areas.

The included programmatic areas include:

  • General / Resources
  • Prevention and Testing
  • Care and Treatment
  • Laboratory Services
  • Key Populations

SIMS Resources for Implementers

This document provides a comprehensive list of resources available for SIMS. It is organized by questions SIMS implementers may have about the tools, data submission, and data use. Links to each SIMS resource are embedded within the document and a brief description of each is also provided.


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