5.1. > Facility Reconciliation: Site Administration (within DATIM)

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Maintaining Facility Harmonization through DATIM

The purpose of this page is to provide step-by-step guidance to adding and modifying Ministry of Health (MoH) IDs of facilities in DATIM for maintaining Facility Harmonization. This will be conducted through DATIM, though updates here will regularly be pulled into GeoAlign in order to facilitate harmonization between the two systems.

Using the list of unmapped facilities produced by the DATIM MOH Data Importer App, countries can use of the Organization Unit application in DATIM to maintain harmonization of their facility lists using the MoH ID to manually map facilities in DATIM to those in the MoH Facility List.

Please use the User Guide: Maintaining Facility Harmonization through DATIM to begin the process of harmonizing the lists through DATIM.

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