SIMS 4.0 – MER 2.3 Crosswalk

Paige Schoenberg -


  1. Purpose: The SIMS-MER crosswalk shows which MER 2.3 indicators align or are most relevant to which SIMS 4.0 CEEs. This crosswalk reflects the recommended list of linkages between SIMS and MER to be used for data analyses.

  2. Methodology: To create this crosswalk, the previous SIMS 3.0-MER 2.0 crosswalk (developed by ICPI in August 2017) was used as the initial point of comparison for the SIMS 4.0 to MER 2.3 crosswalk. The updated SIMS 4.0 CEEs were cross-checked against MER 2.3 indicators.

  3. In instances when:
    • A CEE matched (i.e. included in SIMS 4.0 and previously linked to a MER 2.0 indicator), it was confirmed that the previously linked MER indicator(s) still applied to the CEE, and determined if any additional MER 2.3 indicators should be linked.
    • A MER indicator was retired or otherwise edited between MER 2.0 and MER 2.3 release, the previous MER-SIMS linkage was reviewed to determine if a new or updated MER 2.3 indicator would still link to the SIMS 4.0 CEE. 
    • A CEE was new, MER 2.3 indicators were reviewed (predominantly using Table 3 from the MER Indicator Reference Guide, September 2018) to determine if any linked to the new CEE.
    • A CEE was not previously linked to any MER indicators, MER 2.3 indicators were reviewed to determine if any linked to the CEE.


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