SIMS 4.0 Implementation Guide

Paige Schoenberg -

This article contains the SIMS 4.0 Implementation Guide, updated for release December 2018.

The objectives of the SIMS 4.0 Implementation Guide are to provide background information on the purpose of SIMS as a quality assurance tool, to inform SIMS Assessors with updates from SIMS 4.0 revisions, to provide instructions of the operationalization and implementation or SIMS 4.0, and to expand on how SIMS can be used in the larger arena of program quality improvement. The goals of SIMS 4.0 include:

  • Implementing SIMS at priority sites and above-site locations where performance gaps, programmatic scaling, or need is identified
  • Using assessment results, through actionable data analysis, to identify and facilitate programmatic improvement
  • Providing a standardized approach and set of tools to monitor program quality at PEPFAR-supported sites

Appendix 12: Worksheets

  • These files contain worksheets for each CEE requiring a chart review and are useful during SIMS assessments to keep track of chart and file reviews. Instructions for these reviews are also included.
  • The zipped file contains the worksheets, divided by Set. The Master SIMS Worksheet Excel contains all of the Sets together, as separate tabs.


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