SIMS Above-Site Assessment Tool

Paige Schoenberg -

This article contains the SIMS 4.0 Above Site Assessment Tool, updated for release December 2018.

The SIMS Above-Site Tool assesses adherence to known HIV program quality standards above the level where services are provided (i.e. above site level). SIMS Core Essential Elements (CEEs) are organized into programmatic Sets, and measure adherence to known HIV program quality standards. 

Set 1: HIV Planning, Coordination, and Management-Health

Set 2: OVC/Social Services

Set 3: Guideline and Policies

Set 4: Private Sector Engagement and Advocacy

Set 5: Human Resources for Health

Set 6: Commodities

Set 7: Quality Management

Set 8: Laboratory and Blood Transfusion Support

Set 9: Strategic Information: Surveillance, Surveys and Evaluation

Set 10: Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance



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