Instructions for Agency Field Users: Reviewing, Approving or Rejecting ER Data

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The document described below contains instructions primarily targeted towards Agency Field users (e.g., USG staff in the OU team).  It describes how to review an Implementing Partner's (IP) ER template submission in DATIM, spot errors in the ER Excel template, and approve or reject mechanisms in DATIM.

PEPFAR ER Data Review and Approval Instructions: Agency Field Reviewer 

This document will provide specific instructions for Agency Field reviewers at each stage of the process.  The instructions are organized according to the process map shown below, and indicate which app in DATIM - the Data Entry app, or the Data Approval app - will be used at each stage.  The stages include:

  • Navigate to Submitted Templates [Data Approval app]
  • Check: Is the template submitted valid or invalid? [Data Entry app]
  • File Failed Validation; Return (Reject) It [Data Approval app]
  • File was Validated; Review It [Data Entry app]
  • Review Successful; Accept and Submit Mechanism [Data Approval app]
  • Make a mistake? Change your mind? Recalling a Mechanism [Data Approval app]
  • Data Cleaning period & Agency HQ Review
  • DATIM References and Help





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