PEPFAR Data Genie: SIMS 2.0/3.0 User's Guide and Data Dictionary: October 18, 2018

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The Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (S/GAC)and the Interagency Collaborative for Program Improvement (ICPI) worked to provide the Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS) 2.0/3.0 Data Extract in (DATIM) Genie application.

The Genie 2.0/3.0 Data Extract incorporates the following features:

  • PEPFAR organizational hierarchy that focuses on only those levels that are relevant to program priorities: Region, Operating Unit, Country, Prioritization-level SNU (PSNU; as applicable), Community (as applicable), and Facility (as applicable).
  • Updated mechanism and partner names to align with most current data available in DATIM.
  • Unnested Core Essential Elements (CEE) data element components as separate columns (e.g., CEE short and Set ID).
  • SIMS Coversheet data elements constructed as columns for easier analysis.

Structure of Genie SIMS 2.0/3.0 Data Extract

The PEPFAR PRIME Systems team, in collaboration with the ICPI DAQ and ICPI SIMS Cluster Datastream, pull the SIMS 2.0-3.0 data from DATIM into the PEPFAR Data Hub (PDH). The SIMS 2.0 – 3.0 data is uploaded by PEPFAR Implementing Agencies into DATIM twice quarterly. The SIMS 2.0 – 3.0 data includes CEE Score-level rows which show what was or could have been assessed for each assessment imported into DATIM from agency headquarters systems. CEEs that were assessed will have a score value of 1 through 4, which exist on an ordinal scale (CEE_SCORE_VALUE):

  • 1 = Red: Needs Urgent Remediation
  • 2 = Yellow: Needs Improvement
  • 3 = Light Green: Meets Expectations
  • 4 = Dark Green: Surpasses Expectations

Any CEEs that could have been assessed, but were not applicable for the particular site or mechanism, have final scores of 0 for ‘not applicable’ (N/A), which is colored Gray in SIMS tools.


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