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Cynthia Rathinasamy -

  1. OVC_SERV Updates (See "Attachments" below): This PowerPoint presentation includes OVC_SERV (FY2018 Indicator Revisions) and OVC_SERV COP 18 Target Setting.
  2. MER 2.0 Infographic (See "Attachments" below): Infographic of the PEPFAR MER 2.0 Indicators which include Prevention, Knowing HIV Status, On ART, Viral Suppression, and Health Systems. 
  3. MER 2.0 Indicator Reference Guide (See "Attachments" below): This article contains the MER 2.0 Indicator Reference Guide V2.3, Updated Release for September 2018.
  4. MER 2.0 Indicator Frequency Table (See "Attachments" below): This document contains Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, and Host-Country Indicators in addition to a Legend & Reporting Level Definitions and Indicator Frequency & Type definitions.
  5. MER 1 to 2 MAPPING (April 2017) (See "Attachments" below)


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