User Administration: Supplemental Guidance for ER

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This article describes what user types in DATIM are relevant for expenditure reporting (ER) and what permissions those users must have in their accounts.  It also provides information on which user managers can create which type of ER accounts and how users may request accounts on their own.

Additional guidance regarding user administration in DATIM can be found at the links below:

Systems Administration Overview

Supplemental Guidance: User Administration Updates for DATIM version 1.25

Supplemental Guidance: Instructions for User Administrators: Creating new ER user accounts

User Types

For ER, there are four relevant user types.  The chart below describes which permissions a user administrator can or should apply to each of these accounts when creating these new accounts.


User Administration

The table below describes the user types that can be invited by DATIM User Administrators using the User Administration app within DATIM. 


Requesting a DATIM Account

Implementing partners and Agency Field users may also request DATIM accounts from the homepage of https://www.datim.org. If users request accounts in this way, they should use the screenshots below as a guide to request the necessary permissions for each account type.




Version notes:

  • 10/12/18: Adds information about requesting DATIM accounts from the homepage of https://www.datim.org 


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