What’s new for COP21/FY2022 PEPFAR Program Expenditure Reporting?

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The United States Government (USG) requires an annual report of expenditures of PEPFAR programs at the end of each fiscal year (1 October–30 September). The purpose of expenditure reporting is to provide resource monitoring to better understand the costs the USG incurs to provide a broad range of HIV services and support, and to subsequently use this information to inform program planning through program performance assessments using financial data drawn from expenditure reporting. The following is an overview of the important dates and what’s new for FY2022 PEPFAR Program Expenditure Reporting:


What's New for FY22 Expenditure Reporting? 

UEI Number 

On April 4, 2022, SAM.gov announced they will be retiring the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) and using a new identification number, the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number. Therefore, in COP22, the “Metadata and Error Checks” tab of the PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure template will require you to input your newly assigned UEI number, rather than your DUNS. The template and DATIM system have new validations that will replace existing validations for the DUNS number. If you have not received your UEI number yet, please access the SAM.gov website to retrieve it.   

 As a note, every prime and subrecipient must have a valid name and UEI. If subrecipient UEI is unknown at the time of reporting, use '111111111111'. If a subrecipient is not required to have a UEI, please enter '999999999999'. TBD subrecipients are not permitted. Due to validation requirements from SAM.gov, you cannot use 000000000000 or any UEIs with leading zeroes.  

Subrecipient Templates 

Subrecipients whose expenditures are greater than $25,000 will now have to submit a template. Users will have to select that they are a “Subrecipient” in the Metadata and Error Checks tab prior to entering expenditures. This will format the Expenditure Reporting Template tab for subrecipients to enter expenditures. It is important to note that Prime Partners are still responsible for submitting all templates (including subrecipient templates).  

Subrecipients whose expenditures are less than or equal to $25,000 will continue to have their costs entered by the Prime Partner exactly like last year. Primes will need to enter subrecipient name and UEI, however, there will now be validation that stops the Prime from entering total Subrecipient values are greater than $25,000 

Below is a table to help determine what should be submitted for your mechanism:    


New Error Checks 

Given the new Subrecipient requirements, we have added more error checks to the template to support user entry. The table below summarizes the associated template version, error check questions, the validation message, and the resolution for each of the new error checks:  


Peace Corps Mechanisms 

For Peace Corps mechanisms, the template now has a "PM: USG Program Management- NSD" cost category for Program Management expenditures. To support this new cost category, a new Error Check has been added to the template when Peace Corps is selected as the Funding Agency that confirms this new Cost Category is used rather than "PM: IM" categories. Please Note: Mechanisms funded by other agencies should not use the 'PM: USG' cost category. 

What’s Unchanged from FY21 Expenditure Reporting?  

Basic ER Guidelines 

The purpose and methodology of FY22 PEPFAR Expenditure Reporting is unchanged from prior cycles. 

  • Cash basis 
  • Only PEPFAR funding, no other USG or other donor funding 
  • Reported annually by IP in US dollars (USD) 
  • Prime partner upload template in DATIM 
  • Capture all expenditure for the fiscal year (October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022) 
  • Expenditure reporting classification exclusive and comprehensive 

Upload via DATIM 

FY22 reporting will continue via the upload of the Excel template(s) to the Data for Accountability, Transparency and Impact Monitoring (DATIM) system at datim.org.  Data Approval will continue to be done in the Data Approval App. DATIM accounts are specific for expenditure reporting. Prior year users who have forgotten their passwords or whose accounts are inactive can follow the links for support on the login page. New expenditure reporting users can request accounts at register.datim.org. The DATIM expenditure reporting data approval workflow is as follows: Implementing Partner > Agency Field / AORs/CORs > Agency HQ > Global. 

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