User Administration Updates for DATIM 1.25

Harold Kim -

The User Admin App has been updated as part of the DATIM 1.25 Upgrade. For more details on the DATIM 1.25 release, please review the release notes.

**Please Note: Interagency users will no longer be able to invite Agency users to DATIM. This is a result of the upgrade to DHIS2 2.29, which prevents user administrators from inviting other users who have permissions that they themselves do not. Note that Interagency users were already unable to edit Agency users (for the same reason mentioned), and that this change now includes inviting users in that restriction. Interagency User Administrators should delegate the addition of Agency users to the appropriate Agency User Administrator. Please contact DATIM Support with any questions.


Additionally, please note the following changes:

  1. Added 2 New Data Streams

  • Expenditure Reporting (ER)
  • Surveys and Surveillance (SaS)

*Please note these streams are coming soon but User Administrators are able to create users for these two streams now.

  2. Removed 2 Data Streams

  • SIMS Key Populations
  • Expenditure Analysis (EA)


The tutorial video below provides an overview of the new available data streams in the User Administration app.



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