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Each country participating in the PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity 2018 will complete an Online Survey or the Excel-based 'Self-assessment'

  1. The Survey and Self-Assessment must be completed by June 1
  2. PMDAT members should work with your MoH to complete the Survey or Self-Assessment - and use this time to identify MoH individuals that are key to completing this activity and add them to your MoH PMDAT Form
  3. Complete only one survey/self-assessment per country
  4. Your responses will help us to plan and deliver appropriate support and assistance

Returning Countries: Complete an online survey on 2017 experiences and input for 2018

  • The online survey is for countries that participated in the PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activity in 2017
  • Online survey seeking feedback about:
    • What went well and/or didn’t go well 2017
    • Readiness for alignment activities in 2018
    • In-person workshop timing, participants, objectives
    • We will send each country their 2017 status via email for reference as the PMDAT completes the survey together

 URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QDK98QC

New Countries: Excel-based ‘Self-assessment’ (see attachment below)

  • Was completed by the 13 countries last year
  • Will be completed by 10 new countries this year
  • Intended to:
    • help Country Teams determine the level of effort required to perform Indicator Mapping, Facility Reconciliation, and Results compilation and submission
    • help us to anticipate how we might be able to provide appropriate, adequate and timely support

The Excel-based ‘Self-assessment’ is available for download below.


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