FY18 Q1 Deduplication Issues

Harold Kim -

There were two minor issues with the Deduplication App that were identified during Q1 data entry. Please note that neither of these issues will impact current or existing data in the system. 

TX_NEW and TX_CURR deduplication

  • Due to metadata changes to the TX_NEW and TX_CURR data elements, duplicates for these indicators were not displaying up in the deduplication application during Q1 data entry.  This issue was resolved as of February 13th. Due to how late in the period this was fixed, it's likely that not all countries were able to enter the system and resolve these duplicates. We recommend checking the deduplication application during the cleaning window to ensure that there are no unresolved duplicates.

DSD/TA Crosswalk erroneous duplicates (Resolved on March 13th)

  • There may be instances in DATIM where a DSD/TA crosswalk duplicate displays, but only with a single value. These are displaying because a previous crosswalk duplicate existed, however, either the DSD or TA value was deleted. This deletion eliminated the need for a duplicate, but the deduplication record remained with just the single existing value. A fix is currently being developed to remove these erroneous duplicates from the app. 

It is important to note that these erroneous duplicates will not impact your existing data. There are two ways to resolve these:

  • One way is to simply ignore these values. Once we have implemented the fix for this issue, these erroneous duplicates will be removed from the deduplication app.
  • If you want to remove these from the application, you can resolve these duplicates using the SUM total of the existing value.

We will deploy a fix to this issue on March 13th. 

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