MER Indicator Reference Guides

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This article contains the MER Indicator Reference Guides.

Please refer to the reference guide for the fiscal year of interest, below:

Fiscal Year Reference Guide 
FY23 Version 2.6.1
FY22 Version 2.6
FY21 Version 2.5
FY20 Version 2.4
FY19 Version 2.3
FY18 Version 2.2


The objectives of the MER guidance document are to streamline and prioritize indicators for PEPFAR programs. As the PEPFAR MER Indicators were being updated the following was taken into consideration:

  • Reduction of indicators to focus program monitoring on what matters most for epidemic control;
  • Standardization of age, sex, and key population disaggregations across the prevention and clinical cascades to monitor which populations are being reached with high quality evidence-based services, and to identify which populations are not being reach;
  • Alignment of indicators with multilaterals and partner governments to avoid duplication of data collection where possible, and to focus on improved data and programmatic quality;
  • Input from community stakeholders, technical experts, implementing partners, and PEPFAR field staff;
  • Alignment with other PEPFAR data streams such as site improvement through monitoring systems (SIMS), financial monitoring, and the sustainability index (SID).


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