SIMS 2.0 Data Exchange Exercise Guidance

Claire Morley -

Agencies are required to submit SIMS data to S/GAC via the DATIM system on a quarterly basis.
This guide serves as a resource for participating agencies to facilitate the process of submitting their SIMS
2.0 data to S/GAC for import into DATIM. Data intended for import into DATIM must satisfy strict
requirements with respect to the format of the data as well the relationship of the data to the current
metadata of the system. Data must be valid with respect to the organization units, data elements, and

The purpose of this exercise is for participating agencies (CDC, DoD, HRSA, PC, and USAID) to verify and
validate the script developed by the DATIM team to correct records containing the same OU/IM/Period
combination. This will enforce adherence to the org unit/mechanism/period uniqueness constraint
required by DATIM.

Note: The script does not alter the assessment date, the integrity of which is important for subsequent

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