COP 16 Strategic Information Supplemental Guidance

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Please find the COP 16 Strategic Information Supplemental Guidance provided below. Guidance and clarification is provided on Target Setting, MER 2.0, Evaluation Planning, Planning and Implementation Attributes, and Demographic and Epidemiological Data.

For data entry purposes in DATIM, all targets data will be entered into the October 2016 – September 2017 period across all relevant indicators. Indicators required for target setting can be found on page 6, table 2.1 of the attached guidance.


Targets are due in DATIM on the relevant date noted for your OU in the table below. Given the short turnaround time between the target submission deadlines and the in-person reviews, no deadline extensions will be granted.

What constitutes a complete COP16 targets submission in DATIM?

1)  All planning and implementation attributes are documented at the appropriate SNU levels (Facility/Community SNU/COP Prioritization SNU).

  • Please note: All planning and implementation attributes are due in DATIM on April 14th, regardless of the target entry deadline for your OU.
  • Planning Attributes:
    • Population Estimates
    • HIV Prevalence Estimates
    • PLHIV Estimates
  • Implementation Attributes:
    • COP Prioritization SNU Prioritization Level
    • Community Based – Community Prioritization Level
    • Community Based – SIMS Volume
    • Facility Based – Facility Prioritization Level
    • Facility Based – SIMS Volume

2)  All targets are submitted up the workflow from partner to agency to interagency level

  • Normal and DSD/TA Crosswalk de-duplication are then conducted until all duplicates are resolved

3)  ALL IMs are submitted through the “Data Approval” application to the “Submitted by OU” level, even if there are no associated targets

4)  SNU-level targets in DATIM align with those approved by the HQ review team at the D.C. Management Meeting


Please contact the SGAC_SI mailbox (sgac_si@state.gov) and your HQ SI Advisor with any questions about SI-related deliverables for COP 16


Downloadable Guidance


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