How do I submit data for TBD Mechanisms?

Annie Yu -

Please note that effective February 2016, the DATIM Support team will no longer be approving TBD IMs for country teams.  It is a recommended best practice for Country teams to review and submit TBD IMs - the issued guidance is for country teams to create a Partner user account associated with the TBD mechanism for a USG person (if the account does not already exist).  This can only be done by Inter-Agency user administrators.  Follow the below instructions to create the account.

1.  From the Apps menu, select User Administration (The location of the application may be in a different order, look for the icon).  This will take you to the Manage Users page


  1. In the following order, select: the OU / Country, if applicable for which the mechanism is to be submitted (in this particular example, Angola is selected); Partner as the user type, and TBD as the partner.  Enter in the person responsible for submitting the data’s email address.

NOTE:  The account will not be created and data cannot be submitted until it has been activated by the email recipient.

What happens when the mechanism has been identified or named, and it’s no longer TBD?  When that happens, submit as you normally would using the Partner account associated with the mechanism.  If this is a brand new mechanism and no Partner accounts are associated with the mechanism, follow the above steps, but instead of selecting TBD (step 3), choose the identified mechanism name from the dropdown.  Note that it will take about 24 hours after the mechanism has been updated in FACTS for it to appear in DATIM.

Documentation:  Downloadable copy of the steps below.

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