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The DATIM GIS OU Hierarchy Guide below provides a reference for the prioritization, community, and facility level definitions for each OU as displayed in DATIM with information on whether it's possible to map that level in the DATIM GIS Module. The reference also provides the common name for these levels (e.g. municipality or parish). Finally, the guide shows the level of the facility along with the percent of facilities that currently have associated latitude and longitude.

This guide is oriented for use with the GIS Module and identifies the appropriate level to select in the drop-down menu if you want to map at the prioritization level, community level or facility level. If mapping is not currently supported at one of those levels, please select the next available level up and the GIS module will aggregate results to that higher level. *IMPORTANT NOTE: mapping at a level higher than a variable was collected or calculated on is currently only advised for count variables, NOT percentages because the GIS module aggregates by summing values.*

Download a copy of the guide under the Downloadable Sources section.

Supplemental GIS Related Content:

  • For training exercises on using the DATIM GIS Module, reference the DATIM article located here.
  • Reference the DATIM GIS Supplement for a brief overview of key spatial data terminology and concepts
  • The GIS Layers in DATIM Hierarchy file (reference Downloadable Sources Section) is a simple reference table for identifying whether there is a map associated with a given level of the SNU hierarchy.  DATIM site administrators and GIS specialists can use this table to identify gaps in PEPFAR's spatial data infrastructure.

Downloadable Sources:


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