How can we train on the DATIM Data Approvals application?

Manish Kumar -

Unfortunately, it is difficult to demonstrate Data Approvals since it is something that requires multiple user roles, data entry, time for analytics within DATIM to refresh, and the ability to "reset" this for other users to test/try out within a public environment. Given these challenges, USG staff should point DATIM trainees to the DATIM User Guide for Data Approvals and also reference the following demonstration video:


If users are interested in seeing Data Approvals in action outside of a normal planning/reporting period, they should have access to the App in their live DATIM account and can see how it looks within the system using an earlier time period as an example.

If you are interested in hosting a multi-person training where you have your own environment (e.g., ug-training.datim.org), it can be set up for you, but would need about a week (5 business days) lead time to set it up. From there, there is a way to walk through data approvals via an instructions set, but be aware that you may need to wait up to 30 minutes for the data to "refresh" in the Data Approvals App, and it can be frustrating when you try to show it off in real time.

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