PEPFAR Data Genie: MER, SIMS, Budget, and Planning / Implementation Attributes Data Extraction: October 2017

Mark DeZalia -

We are pleased to introduce the “PEPFAR Data Genie” application to all USG DATIM Users. The “Genie” is part of the suite of data extraction and analysis apps in DATIM, which includes the Data Visualizer, Pivot Table, and GIS Module.

 Attached are two Genie app user manuals on extracting MER and SIMS data.

 Please note the following:

>> The application is accessible via the “Genie” icon in your DATIM Apps menu. Upon launching the “Genie” you will be directed to re-enter your DATIM username and password. This is normal behavior.

 >>The Data Genie is accessible only to USG DATIM users whose global, in-country interagency, or in-country agency accounts are tied to accounts with email addresses that end in .gov or .mil. If you are a USG DATIM user with such account and you are unable to access the “Genie” application, please submit a help desk ticket.

 >>Implementing Partners do not have access to the “Genie” as the application provides access to SIMS data. 

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