GIS Analytics Series

Robert Shields -

GIS Analytics Module #1: GIS Module Orientation

This session provides a demonstration of the DATIM GIS module, including navigation functions, map customization, saving, and sharing with other DATIM users.

 Adobe Connect Webinar Recording 

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Password: DATIM (case sensitive)


Module #2: Geography and Data Quality

This session focuses on a geography primer, GIS module maintenance, and data quality fixes.

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Webinar recording url:


Password: DATIM (case sensitive)


GIS Module Webinar #3: Analysis

This session focuses on training end users  on how to make maps that will be used for planning and in dialogue with HQ.  Choropleth maps, point maps, buffer analysis, and the first use of calculated indicators in DATIM are covered.

 Adobe Connect Webinar Recording 


Webinar recording url (demonstration only): 


Webinar recording url (with discussion and questions):


Password for both recording versions: DATIM (case sensitive)


Supplementary information on the DATIM Support Site

Update April 2020: The most recent version of the DATIM GIS Supplement will be updated to the most recent version of the PEPFAR Spatial Data Lifecycle.




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