DATIM Dashboards and Data Visualizer Parts 1, 2, & 3 (Videos)

Ed Dyer -

PART 1: 

This tutorial contains an overview of the Dashboards feature in DATIM, including creating and interacting with charts.

 Specific Topics include:

- Navigating Dashboards

- Overview of Dashboard Visualizations

- Interacting with Dashboard items


PART 2: 

This tutorial provides a deeper dive into working with Data Visualizer in DATIM.

 Specific topics include:

- Data Visualizer Interface Overview

- Data Dimension Selection Pane Overview 

- Indicators vs. Data Elements

- Data Element/Indicator Groups


PART 3: 

This video explores further aspects of the Data Visualizer in DATIM, including creating and manipulating pie charts and more.

Specific topics include:

- Creating Pie Charts

- Clearing Chart Dimension Selections

- Organisation Unit Drill Down

- Integrated Applications: Moving between Charts, Tables and Maps 



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