How do I conduct a DATIM training?

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We have assembled a number of resources to assist country teams with designing and delivering DATIM trainings.  

Trainer Guides are available for each training topic on the DATIM Training & Tutorials page: 

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Data Entry

Data Analysis Overview and Visualizer

Geography in DATIM (GIS)

Data Approval

Hands-on Exercises are also available for each topic: 

"When planning your trainings, it is highly recommended to focus as much as possible on practical exercises and hands-on training.  The most effective way to learn DATIM is to use DATIM.  Monologue lectures should be kept to a minimum, be short as possible, and focus on demonstrating and explaining the DATIM functionality through real examples on a training environment."

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MER Data Entry

SIMS Data Entry

Data Analysis and DATIM Visualizer

DATIM Pivot Tables

Geography in DATIM (GIS)

Planning and Delivery 

Resources to assist with planning and with introduction of trainings.

  1. PEPFAR 3.0 and DATIM 
    • Introduces the Accountability, Transparency, and Impact pillars of PEPFAR 3.0 and describes DATIM's role in supporting each.
  2. Introduction to Demoland
    • Introduces the DATIM training environment: Demoland.
  3. Facilitation Best Practices
    • For both experienced trainers and for newbies, this presentation provides an overview of training best practices.
  4. Guidelines for Training Seminars
    • Outlines the recommended approach to conducting large-scale training seminars on DATIM, including how to teach DATIM features, use of hands-on exercises, required equipment, and recommended training sizes.


*Note that the approvals application is not included in the Demoland training environment.  Here is a suggestion for how to train on the data approval application.

Accompanying hands-on exercises that follow demonstration sessions outlined in the trainer's guides.

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