How to see your National and Technical Indicator Data in FACTS Info (for USG users)

Mark DeZalia -

COP Targets and Justifications Data Report

This report only includes National and Technical indicator data, and does not include Mechanism Level indicators. This guide explains how to generate a report including FY 2016 target information (which was collected during the 2015 COP cycle).

Instructions on generating Mechanism Level indicator data reports in FACTS Info can be found here:

How to see your COP Targets and SAPR Results in FACTS Info 


  • Implementing Partners cannot run this report, as it is only produced from FACTS Info, which partners cannot access.
  • Beginning with fiscal year 2015, the indicator data must first be entered into DATIM prior to running the MPR in FACTS Info. This is because the 2015 data will be copied over from DATIM to FACTS Info on a nightly basis.


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