I can’t see my mechanism in DATIM

Leticia Richeson -

The implementing mechanisms (IMs) that you see in DATIM are populated using an automated feed from our official system of record for IMs (FACTSInfo). In order for a DATIM user to be able to see an IM and the data related to it, it must be an IM that is aligned to your organization (implementing partner/agency).

Implementing mechanisms can only be added to DATIM through the automated feed from FACTSInfo.

Implementing mechanisms may be added to FACTSInfo by contacting your agency’s Agreement Officer Representative (AOR). After the IM is added to FACTSInfo, it will take up to 24 hours for the IM to appear in DATIM.

If the IM in question has been added to FACTSInfo more than 24 hours ago and you are still not able to see it in DATIM, please submit a help request ticket so that we can investigate further. 

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