Updates to Data Dimensions in the Pivot Table and Data Visualizer for FY18 Q1 and the subsequent impact on Favorites

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Background on Changes

Data dimensions were introduced to the Pivot Table and Data Visualizer applications within DATIM approximately 10 months ago. These were implemented at the request of users who were unable to run some analytics queries using the older version of the apps, or where creating those queries was very time consuming. We believe that the implementation of these data dimensions has greatly increased the usability of DATIM.

As the systems team better understands how data is used in DATIM, changes to the data dimensions may need to occur periodically. Upon reviewing the existing structure, it was clear that some cleanup to how these groups are arranged would allow for more clarity and usability within DATIM.

It is important to note, however, that making these changes will impact existing favorites using these dimensional groups. While we will attempt to minimize the frequency of changes to these dimensional groups, it will be necessary to make periodic updates, which will always have the potential to impact existing favorites.

We have determined that approximately 2000 favorites will be affected, and in cases where a dimensional group has been removed (for example the PMTCT_ARV group has been removed from “Technical Area”), these favorites become unusable.

There are ten key dimension areas that were created:

  1. Technical Area
  2. Targets / Results
  3. Numerator / Denominator
  4. Support Type
  5. Disaggregation Type
  6. HTS Modality
  7. Cascade Age Bands
  8. Cascade Sex
  9. <15/15+ (Coarse)
  10. Top Level


Please note the following changes:

1. Group Removal

There are 18 dimensional groups that will be removed. A group would be a selection within one of the dimension areas. For example, PMTCT_ARV is part of the Technical Area dimensional area, and it is being deleted as all data elements are now being renamed to PMTCT_ART. A favorite that uses a dimensional group that is being deleted will now show incorrect data and will thus be rendered unusable. As such, any favorite that falls within this category will be deleted from DATIM (as of December 20, there were 149 affected favorites). A full listing of affected favorites is in the attached spreadsheet.

If there is still a need for these deleted favorites, users will have to re-create them. If the deleted favorite needs to be referenced, please log into final.datim.org, which will contain all favorites existing in DATIM prior to December 22, 2017.


2. Data Element Removal from dimensional group

MER Results is having 8 of its members removed, specifically elements which were never used. This commonly happens when requirements for annual elements change over the course of a year and the entry form takes on a new design before the forms open for Q4 entry.

All favorites impacted by a removed group member has been listed in the attached spreadsheet. There is no action to take as these favorites will automatically update, but please note that the favorite may display an updated result based on the new dimensional groups.


3. Group Shuffle

TB_ART (N, TA, NewExistingArt): TB/HIV on ART is an element which has an implied dimension, specifically: HIVStatus. In that, all the people we record for TB_ART are on ART, which means they are also HIV Positive. This particular element used to live in a group called: “NewExistingArt”, but it is being pivoted to a new group called: NewExistingArt/HIVStatus. There is no action to take as these favorites will automatically update, but please note that the favorite may display an updated result based on the new dimensional groups.


4. Transient Dimension

Top Level is a dimension that only works 100% for the most recent Targets and Results period. Favorites using this dimension will not be accurate for Targets COP17 and Results FY2017 when accessed after these changes are put into DATIM. There are plans to migrate this dimension into period specific indicators, so stay tuned.

All favorites that used the Top Level data dimension have been listed on the attached spreadsheet. No action is required, but please note that use of Top Level will no longer show accurate results for FY17 Results or FY18/COP17 Targets.


Please contact the DATIM Support desk with any issues or questions.


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