Day 3 - Plenary - Engaging the EA Data in Cross-cutting Questions (Using DataNav and FACTview Files)

Shayna Padovano -

Course Description:

This course was offered in September 2017 and introduced participants will be introduced to the methodology and use of PEPFAR Expenditure Analysis (EA) data. Since that time, PEPFAR has developed a revised financial classification structure that provides a more comprehensive, flexible, and transparent tracking of PEPFAR’s investment. For this reason, S/GAC has removed these course materials to avoid confusion.

The new PEPFAR Financial Classifications developed for FY2018 Expenditure Reporting will now be common across budget formation, budget execution and expenditure reporting to allow for tracking of resource allocation against budgeted funding allocations. This allows PEPFAR to adhere to the basic principle that budgets and financial reporting should track the same structure. For more information about the PEPFAR Financial Classifications, please visit the Expenditure Reporting section of this website.


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