How Do I Extract Evaluation Inventories and Adherence Checklists?

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Evaluation Inventories and Adherence Checklists are part of the Evaluation Standards of Practice (ESoP).

The primary purpose of the Evaluation Inventory is to obtain an overview of all planned, ongoing, and completed evaluations; to describe the OU evaluation portfolio and agenda; to compare the OU evaluation plan with that of the national partner; to collect needed data to report on the legislative requirements; and to report on planned new evaluations for the following fiscal year (Proposed New Evaluations Only).

The primary purpose of the Adherence Checklist is to assess adherence of PEPFAR evaluations to the 11 standards; to identify challenges with evaluation implementation; to inform improvement efforts; to tailor technical assistance to the field; and to provide data for legislative requirements.

Steps for Extracting Evaluation Inventories and Adherence Checklists in DATIM

  1. Go to Apps 1.png
  2. Select Event Reports 2.png
  3. Go to Data then Program under Program Drop down menu3.png
  4. Select Adherence Checklist or Evaluation Inventories
  5. Move Data Elements by clicking double Arrows 5.png
  6. Go to Period


   7. Select Start and End date

   8. Specify period by selecting from calendar pop-up


   9. Select Org unit

  10. Click Events or Update




NOTE: Report might fail if large amounts of data are selected


















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