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Self-Assessment Activity for PEPFAR and Ministry of Health Data Alignment

To better understand the landscape of Indicators and Facility Hierarchies in each country, we have developed a simple Self-Assessment Tool. The Self-Assessment will help Country Teams and SGAC determine the level of effort required to perform Indicator Mapping, Org Hierarchy Alignment, and Results compilation and submission. It will give us answers to questions like the following:

  • What is the anticipated level of effort involved with performing this activity?
    • Are National Indicators well documented?
    • How well aligned are the PEPFAR and MoH Indicators?
    • Has MoH participated in data alignment or exchange with donors?
    • Is there existing Indicator Mapping between MoH and entities like PEPFAR?
    • Is there a Master Facility Registry?
    • Is there a National HMIS?
  • Are there any unforeseen difficulties in achieving this objective?
  • Determine feasibility of the timeline
  • Help to anticipate the level support we can provide

A copy of the Self-Assessment tool is provided in excel format (attached).  The tool is intended to give PEPFAR Country Teams and their MoH partners a general sense of the Level of Effort (LoE) the Alignment activity will likely require.  It will also provide S/GAC with a sense of the LoE we are likely to need to provide in support of each of the Country Teams.  Note the requested submission deadline of July 28, 2017.  We will provide more guidance on completion of the self-assessment during the July 20, 2017 webinar.

Areas of Assessment

The Self-Assessment contains 4 sections corresponding to the steps outlined in the Process Description above. 

  1. Facilities
  2. Indicators
  3. Results and Use of Data
  4. Additional Questions

The sections include Facility-related questions, Indicator-related questions, Results-related questions as well a question which request ‘free text’ response. While the questions are quite detailed in certain cases, the important thing to focus on is the level of difficulty expected to be involved in determining an accurate response. We suggest that this activity been jointly undertaken with your MoH colleagues as an initial step.  Webinar 1, on July 20th, will focus on the Assessment tool.

This Assessment is intended to allow PEPFAR Country Teams to engage with local Ministries of Health (MoH) to determine how much work will be involved in aligning a defined subset of Indicators.


Completing the Assessment

We recommend that the country team work with relevant MoH staff to complete the country assessment.  The assessment questions are a combination of free-text entry for open-ended questions and ‘ranking’ questions, where one will select a range between 1-4 from the dropdown for ranking perceived level of effort. For purposes of this assessment, a score of 4 means minimal effort is expected and 1 indicates high level of effort. For each response, we encourage country teams to provide clarifying comments or relevant additional detail in the "Country Comments" column.



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