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The final step in the MoH and PEPFAR Data Alignment activity is to compile the ‘Results File’, which will contain the Ministry’s annual results for the relevant indicators per facility. This document defines the requirements for creating and submitting the subsequent file.

Before beginning, you must have completed and successfully submitted the Facility Reconciliation and Indicator Mapping components. 

Results File Format and Content

The Results File will be formatted as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) document and use a flat file structure; one facility and data element per row.

  • The file will use the MoH’s Facility Codes in accordance to the Facility Reconciliation
  • The file will use the MoH’s Data Element Codes in accordance to the Indicator Mapping 

The file consists of five fields as defined below:

  • MOH_FacilityID
    • MoH’s unique identifier for facilities as was defined in the Facility Reconciliation exercise
  • MOH_IndicatorCode
    • MoH’s indicator code as was defined in the Indicator Mapping exercise
  • MOH_Disag
    • MoH’s disaggregation code as was defined in the Indicator Mapping exercise
  • Value
    • MoH’s numerical result value of the respective indicator and facility, accounting for a full 12 consecutive month cycle, as specified by the period
  • Period
    • This is the time range for which the respective Value represents
    • If at all possible, the collection start and end dates should align to the COP16/FY17 reporting period (October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017) 
      • If able to align, then the period will equal “2017Q3”, in accordance to the DATIM date format
    • We are able to accept submissions of periods that do not align to PEPFAR’s Q4, but they must start and end at a quarter (see table of accepted ranges)


Note: The order of the five fields above must remain as listed above.  Changes to the order will cause errors when importing.

Below is an example demonstrating the first four lines of the Results File as seen within MS Excel:


and as seen within a generic text editor:


The ‘Transformation Team’ will be reviewing the Results Files for conformance to the defined format as well as ensuring consistent usage of MoH indicators and facility codes as defined by your provided indicator mapping and facility reconciliation.  When possible, the Transformation Team will resolve issues on their own without engaging the field, though this is only possible when the changes do not alter the intended meaning of what was submitted

The MoH ‘Results File’ will not be expected to contain calculated indicators, only the contributing data elements that are used to make up the formulas.  If calculations have been defined in the Indicator Mapping, then these can be handled by the Transformation Team upon submission.

A CSV template is provided, though it is recommended and generally easier to generate one’s own CSV file depending on the country’s information system and circumstances.  


Submitting the Results File

After the Results File has been completed, save the file and name it prefixed with your country name (i.e. [CountryName]_ResultsFile.csv). Then, import into your country’s designated folder within PEPFAR SharePoint (https://www.pepfar.net) under the MoH-PEPFAR Data Alignment Team Site. More information about how to use this site will be available soon. Note that individuals who must submit these files will require PEPFAR SharePoint accounts, which can be requested from the PEPFAR SharePoint welcome page. This site is also best accessed using Internet Explorer. 

See the "SharePoint_Submission_Guide.pdf" below for more details.


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