I just entered data, but I can't find it in the Pivot Tables/Data Approval/Data Deduplication application

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**Important Update** Due to performance constraints, analytics run times have been set to 90 minutes as opposed to the normal 30 minutes. The guidance below is still otherwise applicable. The DATIM team is currently working on improvements to decrease the runtime.


“I just entered data in DATIM but I can’t see it!?”

After entering data into DATIM, there is a process that needs to run to propagate that information to other applications, such as the Pivot Tables, Data Approval, or Data Deduplication. This means there is some lag from the time data is entered to when you will see it reflected in the system. The process that propagates this data is called “Analytics” and it runs every 20-30 minutes. 


DATIM continuously runs a script to propogate data entered in the “Data Entry App” to the other applications (for users with the proper privileges to then access that data.)  This script is called the analytics table generation and it runs roughly every 20-30 minutes. There is a time period between 12:21am-1:31am UTC (7:21pm-8:31pm in DC; 7:21am-8:21am in Bangkok) when the script could take up to 45-60 minutes to run.

Users can check to see when the analytics table has generated by following the steps below.  This will let you know the script's last run time and when a user should then be able to view recently entered data in the Deduplication App, Approvals Apps, and Pivot Tables App.



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