DATIM Analytic Improvements Webinar Series

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This webinar series is an opportunity to get reactions to the initial round of new DATIM analytics improvements and to obtain your feedback on what other analytics improvements can be made within DATIM. DATIM analytics improvements will utilize a user-driven requirements gathering and development approach; the feedback from DCMMs and HQ Staff analyzing data have informed our first round of DATIM analytics improvements.

Webinar episodes will be delivered every other Thursday at 8:00 – 9:00 am Eastern Time beginning March 2 and concluding on May 11.  Webinar episode slides and a link to the recording will be posted on DATIM Support by the Friday following each webinar episode.

Summaries for all six webinars in the DATIM Analytics Improvement Webinar Series along with links to recordings and slide attachments may be found, below: 

Webinar #1: March 2, 2017

This webinar focused on providing an overview of new DATIM Analytic improvements, the process for making these improvements, and a review of the first round of analytic improvements that have been incorporated into DATIM: Enhanced DATIM favorites for age by sex analyses. 

Click here for Webinar 1 recording (no passcode needed)

See the attached file: DATIM Analytics Improvements-Webinar 1-030217.pdf

Webinar #2: April 13, 2017

This webinar focused on the new data dimention in DATIM, and how to creating create a custom pivot table from scratch using new DATIM dimensions.

Click here for Webinar 2 recording (no passcode needed)

Webinar #3: April 27, 2017

Brief summary description of webinar

Webinar #4: May 11, 2017

Brief summary description of webinar

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