PEPFAR FY 2017 Q1 Monitoring Evaluating and Reporting (MER) 2.0 DATIM Completeness Review Favorites

Claire Morley -

This data completeness review document is designed to provide additional support on how to use DATIM to review and ensure the consistency and completeness of data entered into DATIM by reporting Operating Units. This document has previously been presented as Appendix 2.4 in the quarterly reporting guidance. This document outlines the stakeholders, processes, and tools associated with this specific data validation activity. MER data completeness review “Favorites” are an output of a structured query, table or chart, within DATIM generated from data entered by Implementing Partners and based on predefined criteria to enable review of data completeness. Screenshots have been used to demonstrate the various processes/steps needed to gain access to the system and assess the quality of data submitted by indicators, funding mechanism, and organizational units.

Importantly, this document and all favorites have been fully updated for MER 2.0 reporting. 

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